e-ISSN : 2455 - 5371

Personal Recommendation System for E-commerce Users

Paper Topic :

Data Mining

Author Name :

yagnesh govindbhai patel

Abstract :

Today internet has made the life of human dependent on it. Almost everything and anything can be used for discovering useful knowledge or information from the internet. Recommendation systems are defined as the techniques used for predict the rating of the social entity or items. These items can be music, videos, books, movies etc. To predict the user’s interest from only past preference is not give particular result. The main objective of area is to solve challenges and issues regarding to finding proper recommend items for users. In this used personalized recommendation system is for finding particular user’s browsing information to recommend the products. Web usage mining is the area of data mining which deal with the discovery and analysis of usage pattern from web data, in order to improve web based recommend the product for the users. In this used action based rational, user similarity and item similarity approaches are used for better recommend the products to users.

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