e-ISSN : 2455 - 5371

Refinement of Reliability by Improving Reliability Estimation Tool

Paper Topic :

Software Engineering & Its Applications

Author Name :

Mohit Surati

Abstract :

In this era of technology, most of the systems are software based system which can be any safety-critical system as well. Therefore it is necessary to monitor the quality of the software on constant basis. This gave upswing to the concept of software reliability as it directly affects the quality of any software product. Reliability is a term which has been defined in early 90’s but to due lack of research there were very few standardized tool available which can estimate the software reliability in quantitative terms. CASRE (Computer Aided Software Reliability Estimation) was one of the most standardized tool among them, but still there were room for improvement in the existing CASRE tool. This paper focuses on improving the CASRE.

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