e-ISSN : 2455 - 5371
Paper Title & Author
Paper Topic / Area
Page No.
Association rule pruning for XML document using modified index table
- Shweta Desai            
Data Mining   1-5 
- Foram Shukla    Dr. Varun Sheel        
Computer Science and Its applications   6-10 
Survey on Social Media using Twitter Data for Students Experience using Naïve Bayes Technique
- Vora harshit pradipbhai    Prof. Hiren Patel        
Data Mining   11-17 
Survey Based on DOM and Visual Clues for Extracting Structure data from Web
- Pathik B Shah    Hiren Patel        
Data Mining   18-25 
A Survey On a Recommendation System Using Web Usage Mining
- Harshit Patel    Pooja Jardosh        
Data Mining   26-31 
Multi terminal Conference service for Multi beam Mobile satellite service (MSS) using S-Band
- Meghavi kunwar    Meghavi kunwar   Sudhir Agrawal   Krunal Panchal   
Communication and Networking Systems   32-38 
Raw EEG-based Fatigue and Drowsiness Detection: A Review
- Dhavalkumar H Joshi    Dhavalkumar H Joshi   Mr. U.K.Jaliya   Dr. D.G.Thakore  
Digital signal processing theory   39-42 
Review on Different Techniques of Image Classification
- Pranali Shah    Mohammed G. Vayada        
Image analysis and processing   43-45 
Review on Current Conveyor Topologies
- Kaushani Shah    Kaushani Shah   Bhoomi Patel   Mohammed Vayada  
VLSI Algorithms   46-49 
A Survey on Refinement of Reliability by Improving Reliability Estimation Tool
- Mohit Surati    Bhavesh Tanawala   P.B.Swadas     
Software Engineering & Its Applications   50-53 
Mashup Concept and Challenges
- Ms. Ruchita Joshi    Mr. Rujul Trivedi        
Web Technologies   54-56 
Improved Software Cost Estimation Scenario using WBS with COCOMO II : A Review
- Divyajit C. Damor    Bhavesh A. Tanawala        
Software Engineering & Its Applications   57-60 
A Review on Noise Removal from Web pages for Web Content Mining
- Yogita Patel    Mrs Madhushree B        
Data Mining   61-65 
Effective Information and Metadata Extraction from Web
- Nidhi Goyal    Dr. Shyamal Tanna        
Data Mining   66-69 
A Survey on Different Approaches Used For Blind Image Quality Assessment
- Shivangi Desai    Narendrasinh Limbad        
Image analysis and processing   70-73 
Survey of Buffer Management Techniques in Delay Tolerant Network
- Rupali Patel    Mr. Krunal Panchal        
Wireless Technology   74-77 
Survey Paper on Pinpointing Integrity of Service provider in cloud computing System
- Shaishav R. Shah    Madhushree B.        
Cloud Computing and Applications   82-85 
A Survey on Privacy Preserving Data Mining Techniques in Health Sector
- Nidhi G. Pandya    Mrs Madhushree B        
Data Mining   86-89