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Review on Credit Based Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing Environment

Paper Topic :

Cloud Computing and Applications

Author Name :

Ronak N. Ahir

Abstract :

Cloud computing has been built upon the development of distributed computing, grid computing and virtualization. Since value of individual task in cloud resources is distinct with one another, scheduling of user tasks in cloud is different from traditional scheduling methods. The task scheduling problem can be viewed as the finding or searching an optimal set of resources (processors/computer machines) so that we can achieve the desired goals for tasks. Simple Credit Based Scheduling Algorithm is used to reduce make span of the task by counting credit of the task by considering task length and task priority. The techniques like min-min algorithm, priority based, cost based resource scheduling, resource scheduling based on energy efficient methods, scheduling based on reliability factor, scheduling based on activity based costing, context aware scheduling, dynamic slot based scheduling. This paper provides brief introduction to this technique of a credit based task scheduling.

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