e-ISSN : 2455 - 5371

Experimental study of double T slab with conventional concrete and flay ash based Geopolymer concrete

Paper Topic :

Concrete Engineering

Author Name :

Vivek Patva

Abstract :

the double tee slab is capable of withstanding high loads while having a long span. Two point load test will be conducted to study the behavior and load carrying capacity of slabs. In this experimental work different parameters will be used such as alkaline solution to fly ash ratio was fixed at 0.5 and sodium silicate to sodium hydroxide ratio 2.5, molar content of sodium hydroxide 14M, ratio of silicate oxide to sodium oxide 2.25 and 3.35, percentage of GGBS 0%, 25%, 40%, 55%, 70% has been use for replace with classified class Fly ash in geopolymer concrete. Cube, cylinder and beams to be cured with hot air at 60°C -100°C for 24hr. Hence, there are six batch mixes including conventional one. IS: 10297 is used for deciding the geometry of slab panel. The slab panel made for the experiments are having a 1.5 meter length and 0.6 meter width. The concrete grade M25 is used as per IS: 456-2000.The water-binder is 0.45.

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