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Implementation of Edge Detection Algorithm on FPGA for Brain Tumor Cell Identification
- Ms. Noopur patel    Ms. Zalak Dobariya        
Image analysis and processing   1-5 
Refinement of Reliability by Improving Reliability Estimation Tool
- Mohit Surati    Bhavesh Tanawala   Prashant Swadas     
Software Engineering & Its Applications   6-11 
Adware Removal using Real-Time Web Service Fault Injectioning
- Kavan Mehulkumar Dave       Bhavesh Tanawala   Hemant Vasava  
Software Engineering & Its Applications   12-15 
Review on Load Balancing Using Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing
- Naik Richa            
Cloud Computing and Applications   16-18 
Review on Credit Based Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing Environment
- Ronak N. Ahir    Rajiv Kumar Gurjwar        
Cloud Computing and Applications   19-21 
Protein Structure Classification using Fuzzy Logic
- Stebin K Sebastian            
Fuzzy logics   22-27 
Determination and Prevention of Pernicious activity in Cloud Computing Environment
- Shaishav R. Shah            
Cloud Computing and Applications   28-30 
A Real Time Change Detection Using Integrated Image Differencing And Mining Algorithm
- Rizavana Shah            
Image analysis and processing   31-36 
Enhanced LSB method to hide and transferring of information
- Krutik Pujara    Krutik Pujara   Jasmin Jha     
Communication architectures for pervasive computing   37-43 
Session based Clustering Algorithm for data stream in Agricultural IoT
- Priya Mehta    Jasmine Jha        
Data Mining   44-46 
Twitter Data Mining to Extract Student’s Learning Problem
- zalak mahendrabhai patel    vishal patel        
Data Mining   47-54 
Personal Recommendation System for E-commerce Users
- yagnesh govindbhai patel    vishal patel        
Data Mining   55-60